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Hey.. Welcome to our Steelpan Music website, we are all about the world of Steelpan music (Steel Drum as known by some) and strive to be the Premium Site for the delivery of Steelpan Music.

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Although the steelpan is classified as a percussion instrument it is also a pitched percussive instrument. Due to the fact that it possesses pitched (tuned) notes and being an acoustic instrument, the popular melodies of the day can be heard as part of the steelpan music performed in popular bands. Steelpan musician tend to stray towards popular “Jazz” standards as they lend themselves easily to the instruments. Tunes such as “Summer Time”, “Girl from Ipanema” and “Blue Bossa”, that have been made popular by the top practitioners, has also become standard steelpan music renditions. In fact the “Jazz” style of playing steelpan music... Read More Here Steelpan Music

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